Caribbean family talks about living in Korça

By Team Albanians - April 30, 2020

They are from the Caribbean but have lived all their lives in the city of Korça with their family. Kellian Daniel, now 23, was born in Santa Lucia, an island near the United States, and lives with her family since 1995 in the city of serenades. 8,256 km away from their hometown, their move to Albania was a miracle. It seems no coincidence that they settled in the city of serenades, as in their family everyone sings.

Together with her sister, with whom she has a very special relationship, they participated in "The Voice of Albania 7" where they went to the stage of super battles.

Regarding racism, in an interview with Shekulli, Kellian says "I used to feel a lot of racism as a child, but now for me personally it's rare. Albanians must give everyone the opportunity to do the same and not look at differences. I am aware that Albania was isolated for many years and to some extent, it is understandable why these feelings came." 

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