Homeland by Fation Plaku

By Team Albanians - April 30, 2020

Fation Plaku seems to have a life that explores Albania. From north to south, the true lover of nature and the impossible has finalized the dream of his life today: Creating a photo album, a book from those that can not be realized by quality in Albania; a book that you will need to have in your personal library to show how beautiful Albania is to go to the most impossible ends of it.
With over 200 photographs he has done over the years, he has carefully cured Albania to get out of the noisy city. Fation Plaku tells us all the right gift, especially when we should take pride in the foreigners. 200 real photos make us travel north to south through the mountains, from east to west, from sea to lakes, from forests to canyons, from beautiful bays to the underwater world. With an album, Fation tells us all.
‘It was a tough job, but very nice. I finally realized my dream, “he says to newsbomb.al.
His friends, as well as art and photography personalities gathered together to promote perhaps one of the first professional albums in the country. And it is a gift to Albanians on these holiday days. The Homeland of Fation Plaku will be the most beautiful gift idea.

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