Atixhe Muratova from Honeyland discusses beekeeping and her passion for singing

By Team Albanians - May 21, 2020

The village of Bekirlija, located in the central part of northern Macedonia, is where the documentary Honeyland, which describes the true story of the last woman in Europe caring for wild bees, Atixhe Muratova, was shot.

Atixhe Muratova—the star of the Macedonian documentary which was nominated for 2 Oscars— talks about beekeeping in her interview with Macedonian television. She says that she will not abandon the bees and that she will stay with them until she cannot walk anymore. 

She did not hide her admiration for the beautiful folk songs and sang some in Albanian, Macedonian, Turkish and Bosnian, as well as the song for her mother "Step by step I walked."

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