Selected documentaries about blood feuds in Albania

By Team Albanians - May 11, 2020

Courtesy of Al Jazeera

Blood feuds are a bitter wound of the Albanian past. Forbidden by force during the years of the communist dictatorship (1946-1990), it quickly reappeared without rules after the birth of democracy in the 1990s. The return of blood feuds was accompanied by a denial practice of its basic rules codified in the Albanian Kanun (code of law). Consequently, the only rule that is followed is to take blood. Other rules, such as: not killing male children up to adulthood or women have been neglected. The Kanun, a civil code drafted by Lek Dukagjini, a lord of the North in the 15th century, has extended its influence in a time when the voices of the police and the judiciary are inaudible. The Kanun strictly codifies revenge. If one of its members is killed, a family must take revenge.

It is estimated that over 10,000 people are affected by blood feuds in Northern Albania, living shut away for fear of killing from other families. This includes over 1000 children who do not leave their homes and 2000 women who have lost their husbands. Below are selected videos about blood feuds in Albania. 

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