Peaks of the Balkans: Trekking the Accursed Mountains

By Team Albanians - June 13, 2020

In 1909 Edith Durham wrote the book "High Albania" who talks about the Accursed Mountains, blood feuds, sworn virgins, and 15th-century codes of honor called kanun.

Many tourists come around just because they are impressed by the name Accursed Mountains - the same did Edith Durham who visited Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro in 1908.

Almost twenty years ago, the region had been inaccessible for visitors, which make it now an authentic cultural experience and adventure to trek across the three borderland mountains of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

If you want to dive into the lifestyle of those hidden places and explore this unique area, we highly recommend trekking this transnational "Peaks of the Balkans" hiking trail.

The Peaks of the Balkans trekking trail leads through one of the remote and wild mountainous regions of Western Balkans. The Peaks of the Balkans is a 192km-long hiking trail passing through the Accursed Mountains of Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro.

It takes 10 to 15 days to fully complete the circular trail of 192-km (120 miles).

Here we show up you some beautiful photos taken while on the POB trail, courtesy of our friends at Trek Balkan.

A bunker built during Enver Hoxha's regime, Albania

Doberdol summer village, North Albania
Preparing traditional Albanian dish, Flija 

Lake Drelaj, Kuchishte, Rugove, Kosovo

Shala River, Komani Lake, Albania

The Blue Eye, Theth, Albania

The Catholic Church of Theth, Albania

The Heart Lake in the Accursed Mountains, Kosovo
Thethi National Park, Albania

Vuthaj Village, Montenegro

For more information about this tour, you can visit Trek Balkan's site here.

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