About Us

Team Albanians is an organization founded by Deni Hoxha with the objectives of providing all necessary information on Albania and Kosovo as travel, culture and gastronomy destinations, and connecting with the Albanian diaspora in the United States through organized events. We aim to promote the natural, cultural, artistic and historical values of Albania online and share the diverse heritage of our country with the world. We also broadcast announcements of events, organizations and other news relating to Albania. 

Our Team

Interested in joining Team Albanians? We are looking for photographers, social media assistants, designers community organizers and contributing writers. To apply, e-mail us at info@teamalbanians.com with a resume and cover letter.

Deni Hoxha - Founder and Director - Cambridge, MA, USA

Abedin Malaj - Graphic Designer - Brussels, Belgium  

Iva Hoxha - Event Organizer and Outreach Coordinator - Boston, MA, USA
Kejsi Demaj - Social Media Assistant - Boston, MA, USA

Abedin Malaj - Social Media Assistant and Photographer - Gjilan, Kosovo

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