Contribute to Team Albanians

Team Albanians wants to share diverse perspectives and promote engaging discussions for our Albanian and non-Albanian community. We are committed to supporting writers and creators in maximizing the impact of their work in terms of online distribution. As part of our current strategy, we are aiming to increase the quality of our online presence and invite all writers and creators to contribute to our website. 

We hope to expand original content, from Albanians and non-Albanians. 
This includes original pieces about tourism, culture, history, and the diaspora. We also accept pieces about social and economic issues that affect Albanians. 
A variety of submissions can be sent including, but not limited to personal essays, open letters, photos, videos, interviews, songs, articles, writings, paintings, and designs.

To submit to our site please e-mail us:

We do not tolerate content that promotes violence or hate speech.
You can also submit anonymously.

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